Wednesday, February 06, 2008

All religions created and controlled by them?

Someone on a forum recently inquired:

and it becomes obvious they've created these religions to control our minds and divide and conquer us

why is kab-allah the exception?

to which I replied:

it depends on what you mean by "create" and "religion"

the only religions they have successfully "created" start to finish have been scientology, mormonism, theosophy, and a few random others that will never last in the history books 3-4 centuries from now.

what "they", however you define that, have relied upon is subversion and subjugation of the key elements/leadership of religions... also no prophet "founded" a religion until Muhammad (saw) I know that's difficult to understand. Basically a prophet would outline a way to live life with his personal example and his followers would pass down oral traditions based on what he said, consolidate the teachings in written form, or if they were real lucky, they would preserve a revealed scripture from the Creator for a while. This is why the name of the prophet is usually somehow incorporated into the name of the 'religion' he supposedly 'founded' when it was actually his followers who created the religion to keep the system alive.

With Muhammad the scripture revealed was the final law for mankind and it was a culmination of religious evolution rather than a new religion. The reason they haven't subjugated it is because the scripture has not been changed even once since it was revealed and is memorized by tens of thousands of people every generation.

Also it's from the Creator which becomes self evident for anyone who does extensive study on Islam so He is not gonna let His religion ever come under the control of the man he created. In fact, the religion will eventually dominate the hearts and minds of all humanity with negligible, sporadic, disbelief here and there.

And Allah and kaballah have nothing to do with one another.

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