Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bucky Fuller Interview

R. Buckminster Fuller: One of the greatest minds of the 20th century.

Iller than the alleged plagiarist Einstein and Edison, on par with George Washington Carver and Muhammad Zafarullah Khan

His books are EXCELLENT and supremely DENSE. You have to re-read a line about 5 times to get a vague idea of what he was speaking about.

A favorite concept of mine that he innovated and popularized was Ephemeralization, the idea of doing more with less. It shatters the zionist banker-perpetuated cruel myth of Scarcity

He also made synergy a part of popular consciousness, which is this, according to Bucky.

And he wrote an excellent book about Synergetics which I plan on reading AGAIN for the first time, soon.


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CJ Fearnley said...

You can learn more about Synergetics at the forthcoming meetings of the Synergetics Collaborative. There is one in March in New York on Synergetics and Mathematics and one in July on Build a Dome for Bucky's Birthday.

We have a low volume mailing list to keep abreast of developments in Synergetics.