Thursday, February 14, 2008

David Icke

I think the dude is a shrewd businessman who knows what's going on.

Notice the biggest reason the ADL and other groups freak out over him is because they know they run these organizations and they know he knows and he calls them 12 foot lizards.

The whole blood-drinking of gentiles is also a very real thing which he exposes but then calls them lizards. He's made mountains of money on this and he doesn't spend too much time callin them reptiles and lizards.

Very intelligent opportunist is David Icke. Alex is whining cuz he's tryin to be "real" when he's actually not allowed to point out the truth of who's really behind it all. He's a COWARD.

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O Partha, said...

Right on! David Ike's got the cold blooded/hearted freaks on the run. Freedom of Speech is the first thing those who have something to hide, want taken away from those who have something to reveal.