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Dear Ron Paul Supporters

Dear Ron Paul supporters

WOW! THANK YOU! What a run this is! Almost $30 MILLION in grassroots funding! Tens of thousands of tireless volunteer hours! Unity among conservatives and liberals, democrats and republicans, young and old, black, white, hispanic, affluent and poor! You have reinvigorated the political process. Your uncompromising evangelism rivals any grassroots campaign since the 60’s. You’ve lit a fire under the seat of the neo-cons! The neoconservatives had capitalized for 7 years on American apathy to enrich themselves and further their treacherous ideology. However, YOU changed all that in a matter of a few months. Yes, it was YOU. Ron Paul was the principled, soft-spoken, throwback conservative that became the face of YOUR message. The ideas of liberty, peace, personal responsibility, justice, and prosperity have found willing ambassadors in ALL of YOU. Ron Paul became the mouthpiece intelligibly voicing YOUR discontent.

In a perfect world Paul would have the voice of a Martin Luther King Jr, the youthful, dashing good looks of a John F. Kennedy, and the unifying populist message of a Huey Long. This is not a perfect world. To say there was a lot to overcome is a monumental understatement. You had an interlocked corporate media, a largely ignorant and apathetic populace, a status quo in Washington reinforced for decades, vote fraud, and constant smears about his “unelectability” to hurdle before the message could be heard and understood. However, the movement began LONG before Ron Paul became a household name and will continue LONG after he fades into the memory hole of the United States of Amnesia.

Some of you have become disillusioned by Paul’s lackluster performance on “Super Tuesday.” Others are quietly in doubt while bravely soldiering on. Some truly faithful will ride this “’til the wheels fall off.” Most, however, are beginning to notice the writing on the wall. You’ve tried to ignore and avoid it with unflinching optimism in the face of greater odds stacked against you. But one can only slam his head into a brick wall so many times before deciding to find a way to walk around it.

There’s always plenty of blame to go around, isn’t there? Some are blaming “stupid, apathetic, Americans” for voting in the primaries for the “mainstream, pro-war” candidates. Others are blaming the “9/11 Truth movement” or “white supremacist” groups for attaching themselves to Paul causing “negative publicity.” Some are blaming the mainstream media for smearing and marginalizing Paul and his supporters. Still others complain about Paul’s campaign being “incompetent” or “inefficient.” Some activists are blaming others for “not being active enough.” And a few enlightened ones have cited vote fraud as the culprit. Undoubtedly most of these factors have played a role. But NO ONE wins the blame game. Pointing fingers has never accomplished anything. Now is not the time to fight amongst yourselves but rather, a time to unite more than ever before.

We have seen how a handful of simple ideas can revolutionize and charge a devoted few to mobilize and unify hundreds of THOUSANDS of unique people. The “Ron Paul Revolution” has brought in people who could rattle off many anomalies and unknown facts about 9/11, to people who were simply tired of the war causing hyper inflation and decreased purchasing power. That’s why there is no reason why the seemingly slow demise of the “Ron Paul campaign for presidency” should mean the end of the movement which made this campaign possible and aggressively made it part of popular consciousness.

Most Paul supporters now know that the neoconservatives, or neo-cons, started the illegal war in Iraq with a pack of lies. In fact, the neo-cons published policy papers unambiguously stating these objectives long before 9/11 provided a casus belli for a perpetual “war on terror.” Under the auspices of think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Project for a New American Century (PNAC), the Hudson Institute, the Rand Corporation, and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), to name a few, the neo-cons have propagandized about policy objectives like creating “a new middle east” and consolidating Canada, the U.S. and Mexico into a tri-state North American Union (NAU).

What most Paul supporters, and indeed most Americans, do NOT know however, is that an overwhelming majority of the influential and policy-making neo-cons are dual citizens of Israel. Most of these are right wing Likud-nik types, or Straussian extremist, “Israel-firsters”, who have hijacked our foreign policy in a decidedly pro-Israel manner which undermines our national security and sanctions the wholesale slaughter of hundreds of thousands of civilians in our immoral wars on Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of the American People. Why should America allow citizens of another nation in key positions in government that directly affect our foreign policy and aid the tightening domestic squeeze on our civil liberties? Doesn’t that sound un-American to you?

The peculiarities of our entrenched and unjustifiable relationship with Israel has been the subject of fiery debate in recent years as the “Israel Lobby” has clamored and beaten drums for war with Iran. John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt have done an excellent and thorough analysis of the amorphous “Israel Lobby” and its effect on our foreign policy in a book of the same name.

As many are increasingly becoming aware, Iran poses absolutely no threat to the United States, or Israel for that matter. As Ron Paul has eloquently stated many times, Israel is a grown up and can take care of itself. Israel has more than 200 nukes and is not subject to any sanctions or IAEA investigation or interrogation. That’s 200 more than the first nuke it would take Iran over a decade to make, assuming, with no evidence, that the bomb was the goal of their nuclear program.

Ron Paul supporters, in general, are also largely unaware that Israel is the only country ever to spy on or attack the United States of America with impunity. TWICE!

In the summer of 1954, Israel sent spies to Egypt who teamed with recruited Egyptian Jews to bomb U.S. and British targets including U.S. Diplomatic agencies in Alexandria and Cairo. This is now known as the Lavon affair for the failed “false flag” Operation Susannah concocted by Israeli military intelligence.

Incidentally, current Homeland Security Czar and Dual Citizen of Israel, Michael Chertoff’s mother, Livia, was working for Israel’s subversive spy agency, Mossad at the same time. For those unaware, 5 Mossad agents were caught by police on 9/11 on the George Washington Bridge after being reported to authorities as “celebrating” and “high-fiving.” These 5 Mossad agents had box cutters like the ones purportedly used by the “19 hijackers” and their van tested positive for explosives. They were later quietly sent back to Israel on minor visa violations by Chertoff where one of them infamously claimed, “our purpose was to document the event”

Also in June 1967, the USS Liberty, a sophisticated intelligence ship, was attacked in international waters off the coast of Gaza by unmarked Israeli Jets and submarines for several hours. 34 U.S. navy servicemen were killed and 173 were wounded. Not only did the United States never retaliate for this unprovoked attack by Israel but many survivors of the ship were threatened by government officials to keep quiet about the details of that fateful day. To this day congress has not heard the story of the survivors.

Finally after 40 years of silence the Chicago Tribune published an elaborate and well-received essay about the USS Liberty massacre by John Crewdson on Oct. 2, 2007.
This can be read online here:,1,4731731.story

The official memorial website of USS Liberty is here:

Ron Paul supporters and other patriot groups should use the momentum they have built up to expose the neo-con dual-citizen Israelis who are subverting U.S. foreign policy and driving America to bankruptcy with their perpetual, illegal “war on terror” in the middle east. Excising criminals from government is the responsibility of every American patriot. Protecting the constitution from enemies foreign or domestic is the obligation of every official in the U.S. government.

A great opportunity for justice against the dual citizen neo-cons has presented itself with yet another spy case that is now being fought behind the scenes, largely unreported and thus, unknown to the general public.

In 2004, Larry Franklin, a pentagon analyst was charged, prosecuted and convicted for 12 years for passing classified military documents to Keith Weissman and Stephen Rosen, employees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) at the time, who have since been fired. Franklin was able to get such a light sentence for the crime of abetting espionage because he vowed to testify against others who were involved. This reaches up the chain of command to implicate other high-level, dual-citizen, Israeli neo-cons like Douglas Feith, Michael Ledeen, and Richard Pearl: key, influential neo-cons in the Bush administration.

The trial, which has been delayed for more than two years, has a tentative start date of April 29, 2008 in the chambers of Judge T.S. Ellis III in the U.S. District Court in Alexandria, VA.

You can find more information about this here:

And here:

And a partial list of Dual Citizen Israeli neo-cons in our government is here:

I urge the Ron Paul activists, wherever they may be, to support the federal prosecution in this AIPAC spy trial and create wide-spread awareness with the great fervor for which you are nationally acclaimed.

This is our first great opportunity to get justice against the war mongering criminal neo-cons. These neo-cons are the antithesis to what Ron Paul and his supporters who value liberty and accountability are all about. America needs your patriotic energy now more than ever. This moment will never return in history. ACT NOW!


Jonathon Xavier

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TheWave said...

I totally agree with this post. I don't know who wrote it, but something tells me that Prothink wouldn't agree! But it's the reality of the situation that this movement existed long before, but now, because of Ron Paul, we've all gotten out of the closet, out of the basement, out of the fucking woodworks and are beginning to form group, coalitions and meetups and starting to work on REAL change.

This issue with Israel is something that needs to be addressed to the Ron Paul community, instead of shunning them as followers, though, for not getting it all quite just yet. . .This thing is young but strong and it's beyond the internet. And all it really comes down to is people wanting to live their life the way that they want to, without having to be fearful of needless wars and rampant criminal injustices. It's like Tupac said, "Can't have peace 'til a nigga get a piece, too!" and we still have a long way to go on that end, but it's not helping us at all to be divisive with wars and such.

This whole movement needs more unity. One love.