Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Holy Quran & The Big Bang

so yea, the Quran endorses the Big Bang,

wait, actually, to be semantically accurate, the Quran gave a description of the beginning of THIS PHASE of universe being (RE) created, which 1300 years later was condensed into a body of knowledge related to the phenomena and peculiarities of the "big bang":

[21:31] Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were a closed-up mass (ratqan), then We clove them asunder (fataqna)? And We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?

Notice the Quran calls on the the unbelievers (nonbelievers) SPECIFICALLY.... of course ATHEIST SCIENTISTS discovered/postulated the theoretical "BIG BANG"

slowface, slap, slap, slap.... even before ya'll great grandparents were BORN.

Chapter on this subject from the 4th Khalifa of the Messiah's Magnum Opus

Scientists however will always bark up any tree they find, which is good too, although, they take forever with this process and are pretty dogmatic and rigid with their BELIEFS (see Thomas Kuhn)....

This is why I think Dark Matter & String theory have been the biggest waste of human intelligence and money in the past few decades, exceeding exponentially the aid to Israel, since at least that makes it possible for thousands of muslims to enter paradise each year. Bad joke, with no proof, sure....

anyway, i digress....

here's 30 "problems" with the "big bang" according to "experts" (PDF)

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