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Islam: What the west REALLY NEEDS to KNOW

Study this entire post if you are interested in the Truth that they would hide from you and lie to you about. A new image of Islam will result in your minds if you take the time to do your research

Islam: What the West needs to know


Everything you've always wanted to know about Islam but were afraid to learn

Everything you've always wanted to know about Islam but were never told

Is the history of Islam nothing but bloodshed?

Well, another "new" propaganda film about Islam is being marketed by the Ziogandists™ called, "Islam, what the west needs to know"

I say "new" because in essence, it espouses nothing new that crusaders or missionaries in India didn't propagandize about centuries ago.

And they try everything constantly

The following is a trailer of this new propaganda film parading the cream of the anti-islam Ziogandists™ and their cohorts.

What's really interesting is that they use clips of public government leaders, who ARE CONDUCTING a WAR ON ISLAM, claiming Islam is a peaceful religion, then utilizing the anger and hatred against said public leaders to state that they are basically misguided, incorrect or LYING about Islam being a peaceful religion.

It's a clever tactic to fool the unaware into assuming that since government puppets lie, they must be lying about Islam being peaceful also. Then they immediately "refute" these statements about the "peaceful religion of Islam" with Ziogandist™ extremists who are the "experts."

The objective of this seems to be to somehow justify the illegal, immoral, and cruel ZIONIST WAR ON ISLAM in the name of the noble goal of saving the world from a "barbaric religion"

Here, you'll see what I'm talking about:

and here is the rest of this garbage film

Here's just ONE refutation of the LIE about the details of the slaughter of the Jews that this film propagandizes about:

The Real story of the execution of the Banu Qurayzah tribe of Jews

The reaction of most "real" muslims to these types of things is also useless as well. Most will point out the history of violence in the name of Christianity or Judaism. This is ineffective.

We already KNOW they have NO ROOM TO SPEAK about xenophobia, bigotry and hatred

The people who make these films don't want anyone to follow ANY religion and really, despise the concept of a Unified, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Self-Sufficient, ALL-Sustaining Creator of all existence.

So when people talk about "Christian violence" the counter will be:

"So what? We agree Christianity is violent as well. We don't follow any religion. Religion is the opiate of the masses. It was devised by man as a system of mass hive mind control by 'elites' to make him subservient to them and parasitically exploit his fear of the unknown and natural tendency towards worship"

The correct and best way to counter this propaganda is to show with historical facts and scriptural reality that claims of Islam being a religion of "terror, hatred, and violence" are utterly FALSE and that there is an agenda by many, mostly, correctly identified as Zionists, who want to portray Islam in this way, because IT IS THE LAST MAJOR ROADBLOCK boldly standing in the face of a ONE-WORLD totalitarian COMMUNIST government run by the Zio-Monsters™. It also is helpful to show that secular rule is FAR WORSE as witnessed by the Atheist/Communist rule of Stalin alone causing more deaths than all "religious" wars and rule in HISTORY by a factor of AT LEAST 100.

I don't wanna whine about how "so-called 'muslim' terrorists are extremists defiling a great religion" because that not only goes without saying and has been done to death, but also because there is no correlation between "suicide bombers" & "Islamic fundamentalism" as noted by non-Muslim scholars

Islam IS a PEACEFUL religion.

ISLAM is a peaceFULL religion.

Islam IS a PEACE-LOVING religion.


Islam lays down the principles and foundations of peace

We overstand the Israel/Palestine issue OBJECTIVELY

^Refute those if you plan on perpetuating the COWARDLY LIE that Islam was forced on people, historically, through war, or advocates violence as a legitimate means of propagating/proselytizing its ideals.

And for the RECORD, our Message of Love & Brotherhood to Africa is for EVERYONE:

we promote a UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD built on love, peace and justice, which the Quran elaborates on as Absolute Justice, Kindness & Kinship:

We have ALREADY re-established a GLOBAL CALIPHATE.

Here's what the CALIPHATE is ABOUT

It's already HERE. and it's not GOING ANYWHERE.

It's been HERE for 100 YEARS. And it's going to get stronger until it spiritually colonizes the entire GLOBE

And it's peaceful, loving, and desirous of justice for ALL MANKIND, not just muslims or believers.

Take the synopsis from the 5th Khalifa himself:

You can read a summary of his Friday Sermons here:

2008 Friday Sermon Archive

We got nothing to hide. But THEY wanna hide the TRUTH.

My community, the indisputably and undeniably NOTORIOUSLY peace-advocating, peace-loving, and peace-ENACTING Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam is EVEN recognized by ultra rabid, xenophobic, anti-islam, racist Zio-monster™, Ziogandist™, Daniel Pipes AS PEACEFUL.

Not as if that loser's opinion means anything. I'm just explaining how STRICT ADHERENCE to the ENTIRE QURAN is not opposed to an ABSOLUTE and perfect conformity to PEACE & justice as recognized by even the most VILE of Ziogandists™

We overstand that Shari'a interpretation and Politics should rarely if ever, mix.

NO, REALLY, we get it

We KNOW why the west consistently confuses "muslim" actions with Islam

We disagree with the LIE that apostates should be persecuted or punished

This is how we respond to the Pope's LIES

Because we know about the TRUE nature of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw)

His exemplary compassion cannot be denied or destroyed by Zionists

You see, Islam safeguards human rights

That's because Islam is the SUMMIT of religious evolution

Study the Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam which Leo Tolstoy lauded

Islam is still applicable to modern man

That's also because the PROMISED MESSIAH still awaited by many, has come.

1400 years ago it was ahead of modern cosmology and the search for extra-terrestrial life

Take it from these folk, did we FORCE them to JOIN US?







^ WHO forced them to khanvert? was it Allah? Are they all lying?

Subhanallahi Amma Yushrikoon (Glory be to Allah, far above that which they associate with Him)

Peace & Blessings upon all humans and especially all guardians, restorers, lovers and seekers of Truth, Peace, and Love.



Anonymous said...

I'm a muslim too and I feel that there is a lot of injustice being down in Islam's name.

I didn't know about Ahmadiya movement before I read about it right now on wikipedia but couldn't enter alislam cause its blocked in Dubai. But another website makes the following claims about Ahmadiya can you please clarify for me?

I am not someone who says Sunni or Shiaa or whatever I'm just a Muslim but I would like to know how Ahmadiya differs from mainstream Islam. Thanks and as always great work

Khanverse said...

Assalam Alaikum

That site is basically full of lies exactly how this zionist film is full of lies.

It tries to pull muslims away from the True Islam which Allah had promised the muslims to be fulfilled in the name of Imam Mahdi (as) in the latter days.

The reason why our site is blocked in Dubai is the same reason we are being persecuted. It is the truth which the muslim clergy who are in bed with the Zionist criminals are trying to hide. We are also not allowed to go to hajj and in Pakistan we are JAILED for saying Kalima Shahada.

Watch this video and you'll understand a little better

can you access this site?

Ask Islam (questions about Ahmadiyya)

If not, I can post them on my site and you can access them there.

Here is another video which may be of use.

The muslim clergy are exactly like the jewish clergy in the time of Isa ibn Maryam (as) and as the jews persecuted Isa (as) and his followers so were the muslims to persecute the Promised Messiah (as) and his followers. Both messiahs came 13 centuries after Moses (as) and Muhammad (saw) respectively.

This muslim clergy has kept the world in the dark about Ahmadiyyat, the True Islam because it would spell the ruin of their rule over the minds of the masses if our ideas are given free reign.

Thank you for your comment.

May Allah Guide all seekers to Truth.



Prothink said...

Lets not forget about Brother Ali!

estrafalario said...

I have been in close contact with many ahmadi's some being members of my own family. I am horrified at the fact that the cult is taken seriously; its heavy reliance on pakistani folk who worship a man because he claims to be the promised messiah is frankly blood boiling...I have read his teachings and met its followers, im sorry to say there are many more like him in his world and just like Elijah Mohammed claimed divine guidance so do they. It is our responsibilty to not judge before we have studied, ive studied and find it unacceptable for any intellectual human being to think this sort of movement in terms of islam as being acceptable...i am not a salafi/hanafi or saudi influenced I've read the Qu'ran and I follow it to my best ability I do not follow a man who has not changed a thing in this world apart from adding one more wealthy person to it, himself.

Khanverse said...

Your comment is intellectually bankrupt because not only does it not make an actual argument it resorts to emotional ad hominem attacks.

Anyone not severely crippled by prejudice can watch the growth of the community and see more than a "cult" who "worship" it's founder. You yourself know better than that so alleging otherwise is quite dishonest.

The finest of the Pakistani scholars, the self-proclaimed "cream of the crop", debated the 3rd Khalifa in 1974 in a semi-public environment and after their resounding defeat in arguments based entirely on the Quran and hadith BANNED the publication of the proceedings.

Anyone can allege anything on the basis of their "study" but the ignorant masses have enough sense to see which of us is lying. No one who "worships" a liar and believes in lies can willingly lay down his life for his belief as ahmadis have done continuously in Pakistan.

But if you're willing to debate, I offer you the neutral territory, with 0 other muslims, of,

Outlaw Forum

See you there,