Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Jewish role in the African Slave Trade

The Role of Jews in the African Slave Trade is well documented by JEWISH sources so any allegations of “hate” on the part of those who expose it is quite the adorable deflection.

Racism in Jewish Intellectuals


I've read this book: Buy it. EYE OPENING, you can't get it at Borders or Barnes and Noble

The vicious jewish attack on a black scholar for using that book in his classroom, I read this, also, very well written

More on the author, Tony Martin

And here is the excellent speech he gave on this subject in its many parts,

the first is embedded, the rest are links:

Now watch this jewish racism in action:

Irv Rubin was chairman of the JDL, basically a huge jewish terrorist outfit, which committed mass crimes, including but not limited to the murder of Alex Odeh, chairman of the Palestinian anti-discrimination committee...

when you hear him in the videos call Steve Cokely an "animal" this ties in perfectly with the teachings of the Talmud and the Curse of ham myth whereby blacks are "subhuman" and are cursed by God to be the slaves of jews, which can also explain why the dark pigmented AFRICAN was essentially the only "race" SYSTEMATICALLY exploited, enslaved, by the JEWISH transatlantic slave trade:

which almost makes this funny:


Anonymous said...

I would postulate that the slave trade was also jewish controlled as long as the eastern trade is concerned.
As usual crypto jews, jews diguised as muslims or jews disguised as arabs did the even more horrendous slave trading in east of africa. Slaves were sold to Arabs and maybe other jews, sent to Persia, India and who knows even China and Papua- maybe Australia's aborigines?? Slaves were castrated or put in harems. Slaves were exploited completely.
It is even said the mathematics, the sciences , the literature of the islamic- arabic period was actually controled by jews. The so called known islamic scholars might have been jews. Ibn Batuta the moroccan traveller is said to have had jewish origin.
Isnt this complete and absolute, diabolical, global maneuvering to affect the lives of all human beings so that they are easily controllable for the benefit of this group????
Most of this is theory but it could well be true!!!!
They can do anything!!!!!

Khanverse said...

Nice try.

We stick to facts here. No theory needed. But thanks for the comic relief.