Saturday, February 23, 2008

Khanverse is a bloke


Someone linked to my page
saying that a post which I clearly referenced was NOT my own idea was my anti-jewish beliefs and followed with some vicious words against the truth of what it was mentioning.

I find it amusing that so many people want to attack the messenger when it comes to all forms of truth, whether it's a Divinely revealed book brought by a prophet or if it's a "truthseeker" boldly letting the facts and a thirst for Truth guide him/her.

It never really works and people who are opposed to truth will eventually show their colors. Truth can never be overcome by falsehood despite the efforts of ambitious liars.

As the Quran states:

[21:19] Nay, We hurl the truth at falsehood, and it breaks its head, and lo! it perishes. And woe to you for that which you ascribe to Allah.

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