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Mankind enslaved or Mankind freed?

My buddy, Andre and I, having a discussion about the NWO, who runs it, and some solutions.

He runs this forum: Andre's Outlaw Forum

here is the thread where the following can be found Alan Watt banned?

I have read a bunch of the books he quotes, 25 or more, and he has been right about everything so far. Maybe that leads to a tendency to think he is right about everything. I don't know. I have never found him to be wrong. He certainly goes in a direction that no one else goes, and much deeper into all of this. I see him really as going further with the same information Bill Cooper put out. He also denied that it was a Jewish conspiracy.

This is all semantics. We know the monsters don't follow the torah, nor are they sephardic so they have no ties to biblical israel so calling them "jewish" is actually incorrect... they are however KHAZARIAN ashkenazi sabbateans/frankists/kabbalists which are corrolaries or derivatives of rabbinic talmudism.

Watt never explains how "they" control and scapegoat the "jews" unless of course they are one and same... They certainly hide behind the religion.

You keep talking about how he speaks of a "mysterious, omnipresent, omnipotent "they"", and this makes it seem as if you are just too lazy to look at what he is actually saying, and would rather be able to point at some extremely public and easily identified group.

no bro, he IS saying, "they" and never explains who "they" are except the "psychopathic elite/royalty". when you WON'T identify an enemy and you make the enemy seem omnipresent/omnipotent you make folks catatonic. Simply from reading your posts here and seeing that you never went through with any of your plans to start educating people outside of a website (which now rarely gets updated) is good example of this. i would say as you started getting more and more into watt your actual 'activism' (for lack of a better word) has almost disappeared.

What we are talking about here is ancient priesthoods who created "civilization". Our domesticated existence is completely unnatural. I have always understood this. Alan was the first person I heard say it. We are living in a complete system, that destroys the human being. Everything about it is unnatural.

Living in the woods, hunting and gathering, naked is not 'natural' for 'man' either. I love your primitivist idealism but man was made to continue to advance and become globally conscious at which point the beauty of Islam would manifest itself to him and he would unify globally under its banner. The idea that making a skyscraper or an airplane or a rocket is somehow 'evil' and 'unnatural' is a severe miscalculation of man's purpose. There was never a utopia to go back to but that's not a knock on "civilization" but rather man's nature to conquer his surroundings unless his nature is tempered and curtailed by adherence to enlightened Divine Law.

You also quote people - you base your philosophy on the words of well known propagandists

Such as whom? Can you document this claim?

We have all heard the story of the Rothschilds taking over by lending the monarchys money that they couldn't pay back. It is mainstream. And it makes no sense. They had armies, and they were the same people who had ruled for thousands of years. They would not let this happen. It's madness to believe such a thing, but you have a one track mind.

That's excruciatingly cute that you think I have a 'one track' mind. But it's not so simple as just financing one king/monarch. They would play on the King's greed and lust for power while doing the same to a rival king. Britian doesn't wanna pay its loans? Finance France... better yet, finance both and have them fight each other. Waterloo. who lied? who profited? It never ceases to amaze me how you have to create convoluted theories that makes NO sense to avoid historical fact.

"But khan, Britian and France's royalty were blood relatives, why would they fight for rothschild? They just decided to have some fun with these wars cuz they were bored. And why NOT just give all the money to the Rothschild family to finance both, I mean they brought them in to run the money!"



I would like to hear what exactly you think the solution to all this is.

Get rid of usury/central banks. Redistribute land and resources. Implement zakat, help humanity recover to a more just and easily achieveable higher standard of living for all. Use technology to create the basic necessities of life and teach humans to be self-sufficient.


uh.. anyway.

You say the Jews took over in the 1700s, so we should go back there, any live in complete slavery?

Khazarian Sabbatean Bankers took over then or late 1600's as the power of Catholicism was on its decline.

The globe was under complete slaveryin the 16/1700s? How so? That's news to me. Did a Prussian prince run Uganda or something?

Or should we go back another couple hundred years? Or another thousand, to Rome?

How about we go forward to the Globally united Islamic empire, coming in about 2 centuries or less?

Which slave system ruled by a tiny elite minority do you want?

The one by ruled by the tiniest minority. The One Lord Sovereign. Globally united mankind under God. Indivisible. With Justice & Love for ALL.

I'm willing to be a slave of only God, in fact I already am in rhetoric, action will hopefully come soon.

How about yourself? How far [i]back[/i] do you wanna go?

A couple million years?

That is what civilization is. It has never been any different. Give a single example.

Andalucia: 800-1400

I have asked this several times before, and you have never answered.

Sorry about that. I thought I did. There's one.

I would also like to see you answer this question that I posed to you last week:

I'm sorry I don't visit this site as often as yourself. Our post counts are indicative of that. Things disappear in the memory hole on your forum. I don't have time to sift through every thread I posted in to see if someone responded to me.

If you don't see the same future as the rest of us see, with the plagues and police state lock-down ultimately leading to population reduction, cyborging and a complete Brave New World reordering of everything, then what exactly do you happening? Or, I suppose, what do you think their plan is? If culling us off and turning us into robots isn't that important, than what is?

Let's rephrase that.

"Khan since you're the ONLY nutcase who doesn't conform to what we ALL believe here, which is total and complete enslavement of humanity as it is merged with machines, then in your retarded world view what do you see happening?"

3rd World War. Nuclear War. Nuclear Holocaust. They hope to make it between America/Europe vs China/Russia to break all power and resistance, then make Israel the capital of the world and select a global monarch Anti-Christ Messiah. The population reduction will definetely occur in a nuclear war. Actually it's probably the most efficient means to do so.

However with this nuclear war, which is far more important to the ominpotent, amorphous "they" than microchipping Billy Bob in texas who is already effectively enslaved to his television and his pension check, they will unwittingly destroy their own power structure.

The real NEW WORLD ORDER of Islam which has been quietly brewing since the late 1800's with ONE GLOBAL KHALIFA in existence today, will then take over the reigns and free mankind from its enslavement to all ideologies contrary to man's nature and Islam will spread among the survivors of the nuclear war.

A globally united humanity under Islam will result. Man's arrogance in rejecting the creator effectively breaking his own back makes him willing to submit to the One God.

This was prophecized and will happen.

Whose side do you wanna be on?

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