Friday, February 22, 2008

Native American Genocide II


James said...


Please post link to your friend Christopher Bollyn's website on your own website as well as the below notice presently appearing on his website. Please ask your friend Mike Delaney to do same at Also, please provide your e-mail address if you care to so one need not have to communicate to you via this posted comment as I am doing now or have to register on to communicate to you via that website.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

James B. Phillips

NEWS: The entry in under my name is fraudulent. I have nothing to do with the page or any of the so-called "friends." It is a fraud and contains numerous errors, starting with the ridiculous assertion that I have been "kidnapped." is the only place where I actually post articles and comments.

On Monday, February 25, I will be on the air with Barbara Jean of K-TALK in Salt Lake City, Utah:

Bollyn on K-TALK
KTKK, Salt Lake City, AM 630
February 25, 2008
Noon to 2 p.m. (MST)

Callers can reach K-TALK on-air at:
(801) 254-5855 in Salt Lake County
(801) 470-5855 in Utah County
(801) 670-5855 in Weber and North Davis Counties

Khanverse said...

Chris Bollyn's emails are not working, I haven't heard from him since I met him in Oct. 06.

He knows how to reach out to me. We are his well-wishers and will not give in to those who say they know where he is until we hear from him.

If you have contact with him tell him to do upload a video with a current newspaper and his family all in the camera.

Web cams are very cheap and affordable. Otherwise we will continue to state that he appears to be kidnapped, and perhaps you are involved.

Thank you


Prothink said...

Yup, that about covers my thoughts too on this matter. Who are you James and why you trying to divert Bollyn's whereabouts under the circumstances? Nobody knows you and you are claiming to be the only one who knows Bollyn is safe. It is looking more obvious by your methods of communications that there is justified suspicions on you being involved in Bollyn's kidnapping.

Anonymous said...

Be careful of these yahooods. they r dangerous, do not contact this james guy( did u know james stands for yakoub??) Killer and murderous gang.
By the way it happened in such a sad fashion. It will b hard 2 reconcile, but one can easily assume that yahoods were well involved in that genocide.
And I am really sad that these native people are called Indians: Christopher Columbus was a jew on a mission to conquer other peoples land while fleeing from the inquisition in Europe. He called these natives indians because he thought he was in India.
What a shame!!!
The word America is derived from Amerigo another jewish sailor in search of land/ conquest mission. They stole, plundered, raped and killed many people who lived in these lands of the west.
The same plundering went on in other noneuropean countries with jews as the leaders of the shameful so called conquest, in Asia, Australia and Africa.
These people have a lot to pay back including the money they got by cheating through the fake holocash.
Shameful and a scam.