Monday, February 25, 2008

Ralph Nader Vs. Ron Paul

or should I say Wrong Fall?

cuz some of ya'll FELL... hard... for the Wrong dude.

$30 million?

can i get a single accomplishment?

and no, sorry, votes are NOT accomplishments.

has he EVER condemned israeli occupation and war on the palestinians? Ever a condemnation? ever called it ILLEGAL occupation? hmm? has jones?

now on the other hand you have Nader who has accomplishments FOR THE PEOPLE littered throughout his career in the public eye.

and even in rhetoric he annihilates Fall on the Issues, TOTALLY:

don't freak out cuz I'm telling you the truth, judge this for yourself.


Wrong Fall on Meet the Press with TWICE AS MUCH TIME AS NADER:


who was MORE effective?

who spoke a better game to REAL issues DIRECTLY affecting Americans?

who sounds like he ACTUALLY CARES about the American People?

who came out AGAINST vote fraud?


who has actually had numerous accomplishments for the american public?

I still DON'T "endorse" Nader, not only because my endorsement is meaningless amongst the population of America but also because vote fraud still hasn't been dealt with and until it is no one the people would choose can be elected, PERIOD!

But Ralph Nader is WAY BETTER than WRONG FALL, despite adorable protests to the contrary. And so is Cynthia McKinney despite the mistakes on the UN.


James P said...

Christopher Bollyn was being interviewed today (February 25th) on live radio today. (See his notice of same listed at At approximately 38 minutes into the show a second caller came onto the show. He identified himself as "Eric," but anyone who is familiar with the voice of Michael Delaney at would have immediately recognized it as the voice of Delaney. This show has been recorded and the truth of what I say here will be born out by anyone who takes the trouble to hear this recorded show. I submitted a comment to this effect on Michael Delaney's website, but no doubt he will not allow it to be printed for all too obvious reasons.
James B. Phillips

Khanverse said...

they cut them off twice.

all bollyn has to do is upload a webcam video with him and his family all saying hello and showing a fresh newspaper...

if he can't do that, we have a right to be worried.