Sunday, February 03, 2008

Russian: Study RUSSIAN holocaust instead of jewish "holocaust"

Russian schools should study the Russian Holocaust instead of the Jewish one - Orthodox public figure

Moscow, February 1, Interfax - The Radonezh Orthodox society's chairman Evgeny Nikiforov urged to organize studies on the Russian tragedy instead of the Holocaust lessons.

'It is strange that we, Russians, should learn tolerance from the Jewish nation's history,' he said at the Orthodox TV and Radio section in frames of the 16th Christmas Readings when commenting on tolerance lessons introduced in Russian schools and dedicated to the Holocaust victims.

The Orthodox public figure noted that 'our nation writes down its history to draw lessons from it.' 'The richest Russian history, especially in the 20th century, gives a lot of positive and negative examples for tolerance study,' he believes.

Nikiforov said that 'the history of Russian tragedy, the Russian Holocaust, has not been written down yet and it is absolute absurd to study history of Jewish, Hungarian, Cambodian or other people's tragedies while our own history has not been studied and comprehended.'

'It is at least strange and perplexing. I think we should correct the program of these lessons as they are certainly necessary and important. But the tolerance should be studied on our own examples instead of other peoples history,' the Radonezh chairman believes.

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