Friday, February 15, 2008

Zionist False Flag in Denmark?

Denmark is proposing to build itself up as a beacon of "free speech" by reprinting the anti-muslim cartoons obviously to spark protests and riots. Denmark which is thoroughly controlled by Zionists has been used as a pawn to inflame the muslims and provoke them into riots by attacking the most sacred figure in Islam, it's Holy Prophet.

I wrote about these provocations and what should be done, a while ago

Most muslim groups have reacted with strong condemnation while maintaining that there should be "calm" and "no violence." However the lunatic fringe will be catalyzed into action and if "radicals" don't give in to the "temptation" then a false flag can certainly happen in Denmark, which will be blamed on the muslims.

here is the response of the notoriously peace advocating, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, globally united by a Central Khalifa: PR: Response to reprinting of cartoons

The Zionist MO is to continue to divide and conquer the societies with their pawns and puppets.


They should be expelled from the communities of nations and tried for their criminal activities.

The seemingly kidnapped Chris Bollyn has written about this back in 2006 , exposing that it was Zionist Jew Fleming Rose who was responsible for the "Danish Cartoon" fiasco.

Now Bollyn has written another article about the possibility that this resurrection of the cartoons is to facilitate an israeli false flag attack by patsies or other zio-subversives in Denmark as a "reaction" to the inflammatory reprinting of the cartoons.

What could Denmark gain but another successful boycott of Denmark by the global ummah of muslims? This doesn't serve any national purpose whatsoever. This stinks of Zion's provacateurs pulling the coordinated strings of the media.

But I still say read Bollyn with a pitcher of salt. NO credible investigator has seen him or his family for more than 6 months.

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