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Afghan Women's Association International in Bay Area organized a silent March to show their solidarity with Afghan women in Afghanistan . We need your help in this gathering. Rona Popal

Date: March 8th
Place: Fremont Blvd( Thornton Ave to Parish st)
Time: 1pm to 3pm
For Information you call at 510-745-1682

Afghan Women to Unite for Peace on International Women's Day

While women across the world unite to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, women in Afghanistan’s most insecure will bravely gather for peace at a number of public events. With the main gathering in the volatile Kandahar province, women will be wearing white scarves as a symbol of peace.

Bpeace (The Business Council for Peace) is mobilizing international support for the Afghan women by circulating a petition of solidarity: http://www. ipetitions. com/petition/afghanpeace

The petition will be presented as a display of international support to the brave women of Kandahar and to President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan and the United Nations.

Women in Kabul and every other province of Afghanistan will express their solidarity with the Kandahar women by reading a message of peace at their local International Women's Day gatherings. The Afghan women have taken their cue from two ordinary women in Ireland who were awarded the Noble Peace prize for creating a women’s peace movement to protest violence in Ireland in the 1970’s.

"Today we drove by the site of the third suicide bomber in three days,” says Rangina Hamidi, one of the organizers of the Kandahar gathering. “We are ready to follow in the footsteps of our Irish sisters. For the past seven years Afghans have celebrated March 8th with cheap gifts given to women to honor them. This year, the women in Kandahar loudly say the best gift for us is peace in our country."

Rangina Hamidi will be in New York City March 2 to 6, 2008. For more information contact: Marla Gitterman, , 212-696-9696 or Laurie Chock, , (914) 591-4052. (Release attached.)

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Khanverse NEWS has MOVED to a NEW HOME

Due to Khanstant JOOGLE censorship of my old website, I've now moved to a wordpress account on my own domain... All the articles should be updated and now they will actually show up in web searches (hopefully)

Let errbody know..

I'm also working on a NEW PHORUM

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It just takes a min to register And the site will have a ton of info and members very soon so join up and start networking across all these false "camps"

I have started a forum for the educated anti-Zionist community and the intelligent activists of all flavors in order to unite, network and communicate openly. We're more effective when we cross-reference our information.

Peace & Blessings


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Holocaust in Gaza

I wanted to gather all the threads and articles to put them in one place for people to access all the disparate information with the proper context so I made this.

Feel free to add to this as you find new useful and important information. I'm adding to it myself as I come across new information

Spread it amongst your networks and please link to the original here because I'm being censored by JOOGLE.

Familiarize yourself with Electronic Intifada

And read this horrific tale, one of many many such stories.

The Israeli holocaust in Gaza

The Monsters™, the self-aggrandizing perpetual victims of the "goy", are carrying out a murderous and despicable holocaust against the defenseless civilian prisoners in Gaza. And they are advertising it.

For almost a whole week, the Khazar savages that occupy historic Palestine have invaded Gaza and carried out a sustained assault on the innocent civilians. Over 130 people have lost their lives, mostly women and baby terrorists.

Even the notoriously apologetic Israeli peace group, B'Tselem has "found" that over 50% of those slaughtered in Gaza were innocent civilians. Which means it was probably more like 85% to 90%.

The only ones deserving the "jewish" label have resoundingly and vehemently condemned the Israeli's murderous activities:

In an “urgent statement” released Sunday, the Neturei Karta organization called on the world community to “stop the wild beast of the Zionist state from destroying the Palestinian people.”

“We Orthodox Jews condemn the murderous terrorism and gangsterism of the Zionist murder machine,” read the statement, reacting to the killing of as many as a hundred Palestinians, mostly innocent civilians, including some 20 children, during the past 72 hours.

The statement went only saying that “for sixty years the Zionist butchers have been expelling, occupying, ghettoizing, terrorizing and killing Palestinians who simply want their rights restored in their homeland of historic Palestine.

“We call on all peace-loving nations to take every measure to stop the madness unleashed by the Zionists and to restore the rights of the Palestinians, thereby ending all suffering and bloodshed of all people in historic Palestine.”

Despite a historic disconnect many arabs in other nations have demonstrated and protested the savage holocaust being perpetrated against innocent prisoners in Gaza.

The violence rages on. Whenever the Monsters™ have been condemned by the international community they have resorted to Mossad false flag attacks and scares like the Lockerbie Bombing (more here) and the "liquid bomb" hoax of '06, meant to distract us while they were murdering innocent people in Lebanon. The story gets bloodier by the second.

While the US media is almost completely hush about the attacks even Haaretz is mildly exposing what is occurring in Gaza

Despite Egypt being ZOT (zionist occupied territory) they are allowing the wounded Gazan prisoner escape for treatment. I'm not about to pat them on the back though.

The Goblin Israel Head of State, Olmert, is whining about the GLOBAL wave of vociferous and basically unanimous vocal khandemnations against his murderous goons, saying, "No one has a right to preach to Israel about morals"

Perhaps this goblin should open his eyes and listen to his own people. But the Monsters™ in the Israeli Government thrive on khanflict, which, if non-existent must be manufactured

Apparently though, the Zionist Khazar savages destroying our world retain the right to preach to us lowly cattle

Lots of passionate individuals are keeping track of this holocaust. This citizen journalism is much needed and appreciated:

Palestinian Pundit

Peace Palestine

Window into Palestine


Desert Peace

I'm sure there are many I'm neglecting.

What I feel this unfortunate series of events affords us is an opportunity to push harder and harder against these bloodthirsty diabolical criminals because they are being enabled by their control over wealthy, first-world, militaristic Western governments. They are using weapons made by Lockheed Martin and other elements of the American MIC. We must continue to marginalize the Monsters™ to show the world how truly few of them there are and how the overwhelming majority of the world's ills emanate from them.

I spoke briefly before
about the plans of Zionist Khazar, Elliot Abrams, dual-citizen Israeli Deputy National Security Director, who in conjunction with other key zionist elements in the US and Israeli governments orchestrated a coup of the democratically elected government of Hamas in the West Bank. They funded and armed Fatah, the notoriously compromised and subversive remnant of the PLO, and their puppet sellout, Mahmoud Abbas. Even he is forced to appear concerned. The palestianians, however, have long known what's really going on. Now, it seems others are catching on.

If you're unaware of what Palestinians are subjected to I urge you to listen closely to this interview

and here is a newer one on Gaza and many other topics of intrigue as they relate to the Khazar Monsters™

If those aren't enough to sting your conscience and make your blood boil watch some of these:


and a prayer:

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Why are they attacking Islam?

Well, cuz it's the Truth.

That's why google is censoring my web-page/blog in which I responded to the anti-Islam ZIONIST propaganda film, but not the other places I posted it:

as you can clearly see here

GOOGLE is khanstantly watching my page and killing it out the search engines

Anyway. They are DEATHLY afraid of Islam



Voting can't save you. Neither can China or Russia, nor can Pakistan or Iran.

Only ISLAM can save humanity from this crisis. And that's why the Zionist "NWO" is trying to wipe out Islam in its BLATANT, non-stop, WAR ON ISLAM.

Please read the following, which is yesterday's Friday sermon by the leader of the righteous as he is known in our community, Khalifatul Masih (Caliph of the Messiah)

After the recitation of Surah Fatihah, Hadrat Khalifatul-Masih, may Allah be his support, proceeded.

There has been a renewed intensity in attacks on Islam, on the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, and on the Holy Qur'an with an objective of defaming Islam. The reason behind these attacks is that Islam fulfills the needs of the time, and people are turning towards Islam after examining the teachings of the Qur'an. Unbiased people have pondered over the Holy Qur'an. Though just the translation does not provide the deep knowledge of the message of the Holy Qur'an, yet the ones who have a clear conscience gain some understanding.

A news item has appeared that a British journalist went to Afghanistan for social work. She was arrested by the Taliban and released on the promise that she will read the Holy Qur'an. After arriving home, on reading the Holy Qur'an, she found that there was great difference between the teachings of Islam and the treatment of women in Afghanistan. She accepted Islam. The matter received a lot of media attention. Due to her education and experience, she was hired in Qatar. She stuck to principles of truth and fairness leading to differences with the owners resulting in her separation. She took the case to court and won arguing equal rights in Islam for women. She had similar experience in a second employment. She again took the case to court and won arguing that it is the responsibility of Muslim governments to safeguard women's rights. These incidents strengthened her faith. Though her experiences were negative, her faith advanced through reading the Holy Qur¢an. Rather than maligning Islamic teachings, she carried out a jihad against those who were not following these teachings.

Such examples worry anti-Islam forces. Irrespective of the level of their affiliation with their own faith, anti-Islamic feelings force them to indulge in unbecoming practices. This is nothing new. Prophets have experienced this before and Islam now is a target as it is a great religion. Meccans stood up against Islam as it started gaining strength. 'Umar, a staunch enemy of Islam, bowed his head before the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, after reading a few verses of the Holy Qur¢an. Allah elevated his status so that he became the second righteous Khalifa. After the migration of the Prophet to Medina, Jews became apprehensive of the increasing influence of Islam. Further expansion worried the kingdoms of Iran and Rome.

Today all the great powers are fearful of Islam. They have resorted to such unfair strategies against Islam that their own conscientious citizens have started raising their voices against their unfair practices. Adversarial voices rising out of the West do not represent the sentiment of the general public. Public has stood up in protest against unfair and vicious attacks.

A news lady, during an interview with our missionary, condemned the republication of the Danish cartoons, and declared that before their publication she was proud of her country. Generally people on internet and in the media have reacted strongly against the republication of Danish cartoons. Khalifatul-Masih presented numerous quotes in this respect and said that this wave against Islam is not the work of a few writers, elected officials, politicians or cartoonists but there is a hand of great powers behind these incidents who are afraid of Islamic teachings and do not want their people to know Islamic teachings, and want to establish their supremacy in the name of religion.


There was a big hand of Christians in closing down our television broadcast channel in the middle east [which was immediately replaced by an alternate resource]. They are trying to become the god of the world, and these brains are the ones who are involved in anti-Islamic efforts.

Islam's destiny now is to spread, not through terrorism or militarism but through the Messiah of the age. All of us should make an effort to spread the peaceful message of Islam. Allah's plans cannot be frustrated by worldly powers.

Khalifatul-Masih gave details of the efforts of the Ahmadiyya community in Denmark with respect to the republication of the Danish cartoons, and presented the affirmative views of the queen and parliament towards Muslims.

Continuing with a review of the attacks on Islam, Khalifatul-Masih further quoted from a book written against the sanctity of the Holy Qur'an and refuted various allegations in the book.

He further pointed out with reference to the Holy Quran and its explanation by the Promised Messiah, peace be on him, that people who live immoral and unhealthy lives cannot understand and benefit from the pristine teachings of the Qur'an. Despite it having deep meanings, it is easily comprehensible. Only special people reach the depth of its meaning though everyone is able to understand and practice its teachings. People who are filled with envy, animosity and viciousness cannot realize its beneficence, except for when they analyze it with unbiased minds. Therefore, when we hear the antagonistic views, they increase our faith as they fulfill what the Holy Qur'an told us centuries ago.

The Holy Qur'an tells us that the people who have taken up to malign the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, and the Holy Qur'an will not escape the consequences, and we have seen the fulfillment of this warning throughout history. The consequences are imminent if the behavior is not changed. No false god will be able to save them when the time of consequence arrives.

We invite our adversaries to look at the teachings and contents of the Holy Qur'an attentively and discern its excellences with respect to its spiritual, moral and social guidance of mankind. The teachings of Islam are in accordance with nature but it is necessary to have a pious heart to understand them, and a purifier to guide. In this age, the Ahmadiyya community portrays the beauties of its teachings.

There is a great need for prayers these days that Muslim observe heavenly signs and abandon their misunderstandings and unite for a nobler purpose saving themselves from a grave mischief.

At the close of the sermon, Khlaifatul-Masih relayed the sad news of the martyrdom of Basharat Ahmad Mughal in Karachi, Pakistan, and shared the details of the incident and the services if the martyred for the local chapter and his efforts in establishing a mosque in the chapter. He was shot numerous times while on his way to the mosque for the pre-dawn prayer services. He had entered in community in 1988 along with his family.

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Nature of the threat

Ras Kass breakin it down: