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Holocaust in Gaza

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Familiarize yourself with Electronic Intifada

And read this horrific tale, one of many many such stories.

The Israeli holocaust in Gaza

The Monsters™, the self-aggrandizing perpetual victims of the "goy", are carrying out a murderous and despicable holocaust against the defenseless civilian prisoners in Gaza. And they are advertising it.

For almost a whole week, the Khazar savages that occupy historic Palestine have invaded Gaza and carried out a sustained assault on the innocent civilians. Over 130 people have lost their lives, mostly women and baby terrorists.

Even the notoriously apologetic Israeli peace group, B'Tselem has "found" that over 50% of those slaughtered in Gaza were innocent civilians. Which means it was probably more like 85% to 90%.

The only ones deserving the "jewish" label have resoundingly and vehemently condemned the Israeli's murderous activities:

In an “urgent statement” released Sunday, the Neturei Karta organization called on the world community to “stop the wild beast of the Zionist state from destroying the Palestinian people.”

“We Orthodox Jews condemn the murderous terrorism and gangsterism of the Zionist murder machine,” read the statement, reacting to the killing of as many as a hundred Palestinians, mostly innocent civilians, including some 20 children, during the past 72 hours.

The statement went only saying that “for sixty years the Zionist butchers have been expelling, occupying, ghettoizing, terrorizing and killing Palestinians who simply want their rights restored in their homeland of historic Palestine.

“We call on all peace-loving nations to take every measure to stop the madness unleashed by the Zionists and to restore the rights of the Palestinians, thereby ending all suffering and bloodshed of all people in historic Palestine.”

Despite a historic disconnect many arabs in other nations have demonstrated and protested the savage holocaust being perpetrated against innocent prisoners in Gaza.

The violence rages on. Whenever the Monsters™ have been condemned by the international community they have resorted to Mossad false flag attacks and scares like the Lockerbie Bombing (more here) and the "liquid bomb" hoax of '06, meant to distract us while they were murdering innocent people in Lebanon. The story gets bloodier by the second.

While the US media is almost completely hush about the attacks even Haaretz is mildly exposing what is occurring in Gaza

Despite Egypt being ZOT (zionist occupied territory) they are allowing the wounded Gazan prisoner escape for treatment. I'm not about to pat them on the back though.

The Goblin Israel Head of State, Olmert, is whining about the GLOBAL wave of vociferous and basically unanimous vocal khandemnations against his murderous goons, saying, "No one has a right to preach to Israel about morals"

Perhaps this goblin should open his eyes and listen to his own people. But the Monsters™ in the Israeli Government thrive on khanflict, which, if non-existent must be manufactured

Apparently though, the Zionist Khazar savages destroying our world retain the right to preach to us lowly cattle

Lots of passionate individuals are keeping track of this holocaust. This citizen journalism is much needed and appreciated:

Palestinian Pundit

Peace Palestine

Window into Palestine


Desert Peace

I'm sure there are many I'm neglecting.

What I feel this unfortunate series of events affords us is an opportunity to push harder and harder against these bloodthirsty diabolical criminals because they are being enabled by their control over wealthy, first-world, militaristic Western governments. They are using weapons made by Lockheed Martin and other elements of the American MIC. We must continue to marginalize the Monsters™ to show the world how truly few of them there are and how the overwhelming majority of the world's ills emanate from them.

I spoke briefly before
about the plans of Zionist Khazar, Elliot Abrams, dual-citizen Israeli Deputy National Security Director, who in conjunction with other key zionist elements in the US and Israeli governments orchestrated a coup of the democratically elected government of Hamas in the West Bank. They funded and armed Fatah, the notoriously compromised and subversive remnant of the PLO, and their puppet sellout, Mahmoud Abbas. Even he is forced to appear concerned. The palestianians, however, have long known what's really going on. Now, it seems others are catching on.

If you're unaware of what Palestinians are subjected to I urge you to listen closely to this interview

and here is a newer one on Gaza and many other topics of intrigue as they relate to the Khazar Monsters™

If those aren't enough to sting your conscience and make your blood boil watch some of these:


and a prayer:


Andy said...

I was doing some "independent" research on the NPR's bias towards Israel, and I was surprised to find numerous complaints that the NPR was biased toward Palestine. Now that I think of it, the bias still seems to be toward Israel. The arguments are usually something like "NPR reported that 5 Palestinians were killed after shooting a rocket at an Israeli soldier. The Israeli was not a soldier, but a citizen."
Still my personal experience is that NPR reveals little more than statistics (however accurate I'm not too sure), but I can see them avoiding words like "Israeli OCCUPATION of Palestine". Its very Zionist-influenced. They report the effects of the Israeli occupation and don't go particularly into any detail about the true history of the situation. I don't see how anyone could support Israel. Well, I think supporting Israel is acceptable, but only in a diplomatic sense. I would like to see the US cut all military support of Israel and see how they fair.

Anonymous said...

The Palestinian Holocaust of 2008
The former victims turned out to be vicious victimizers

Israelis massacring Palestinian babies and they turn around and demand that the whole gentile world must remember their 60-year old holocaust! They call that 'chutzpah'!
these nazi criminal jews use american war planes F16 and apache helicopter to blow up houses full of children women and elderly,,they bomb civilians ,,they murder children,,babies,,women,,,even hitler didn't do that,,where is zionazi members to condemn this,,,where is the jews and all nazisrael supporters to comment these crimes and massacres or will they find a way to put the balme on victims as usual????



a video


more videos






Mike said...

For someone who talks a lot about stereotyping, labelling, and attempts to shows adversaries as 'animals', you don't exactly hold back yourself,do you. Calling Israelis "khazar savages" and calling everything a Jew conspiracy (not just an Israeli conspiracy, but a Jew conspiracy). You're talking at a mirror with this blog. On a side note,why not spend more time asking Hamas not to place its missile launch sites within heavily populated areas (which is exactly why women and children end up killed in Israeli strikes). Or, does doing that mean you'd have to put some plame on you heroes? No, I don't expect this to be posted. You'll cut it out. But I'm just letting you know what I think of your blog.